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A colorful story teller

Singer/Songwriter - Dan Hildebrand

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Behind the Music

Singer/ Songwriter Dan Hildebrand is a man of many interests. A performing musician with more than a few stories to tell, he has been a treasure hunter, shipwreck diver, rustic mountain man, fine wine aficionado, movie maker, recording artist and a well traveled troubadour in the pubs and music scene across the USA and beyond. Dan was raised on the shores of Lake Michigan in the small shipbuilding town of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Now days he hangs his hat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Dan's songwriting style runs the gambit with thought provoking lyrics of tales steeped in history, stories of the road and a bit of factual-fiction with a sprinkling of humor.

Dan has also been known to raise a glass in Toast with a traditional Irish Pub tune from his days in the  popular duo "Hardbean & McHonzik"

 A Toast!

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Walker sound studio

"The Entwined musical duo are super tight with their harmonies and phrasing. Dan & Adonna are really connected and it shows on stage, Bravo"     Randy Walker


Sara Beth Go - Nashville Singer/Songwrter

"I love these two, they are cheeky and fun with great stage presence. I especially loved Dan's funny song about wine"

Sara Beth Go 


Mike Franke -
President Southwestern Virginia Songwriters Association

I really appreciate what Dan and Adonna do with their entwining easy, interactive style.

Very Entertaining"

Mike Franke

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 Pete Honzik -

Acoustic fest music festival

"Adonna and Dan are making some really great music together.

I like it "

Pete Honzik 

The Ballad of Wild Bill

Dan's story of a homeless man he met while on a trip to New Orleans. This tall friendly man went by the name of "Wild Bill" and was popular in the French Quarter with tourists and street performers alike with his unique personality and charming way of bumming smokes from folks.

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Love That Wine

This song is about one of Dan's favorite things to do on a regular basis. Sip a little wine, for it's many health benefits of course.

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The ballad of the Christmas Tree Ship

Dan Hildebrand's true tale of the famed Christmas Tree Ship "Rouse Simmons" which sank on Lake Michigan in November of 1912 while hauling a load of Christmas Trees.

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Make a difference

A light hearted folk ballad which takes us back to the 1960's and then back again to our present time. Full of historical and hysterical content.

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The March

Dan Hildebrand's song about Robert E. Lee's march & surrender in 1865. With Adonna Lemon

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